Nora is knowledgable and welcoming, offering a session which suits all levels in a peaceful location. The classes flow really well, giving a real understanding behind the poses and movements allowing all abilities to develop and progress.

I would highly recommend the class!

Annie Attwater , London

I am very pleased we hired Nora to be our yoga instructor. She is a great professional and her yoga practice is always changing and evolving. I would recommend.

Julia L.

Totally recommend. Class professionally run.

Martin Jason, London

Yoga is an amazing art which I feel brings true solace to self whatever your goals or Mindset. Nora has organically engineered our sessions to my needs which definitely enhanced my sense of self and abilities.

What’s makes Nora such a standout is the mixture of her warm nature, application of knowledge and continuous growing mentality which makes her such a great teacher who I feel blessed to learn under .

Fahim , London

Nora brings so much to every Yoga session. She has such enthusiasm and undoubted abilities at Yoga and as my Teacher! Yoga is becoming a lifestyle for me as I am now practicing some exercises almost every day at home.

Geoff Liddy , London

Since I started yoga sessions with Nora through my wife, I started liking it as not previously into yoga at all. She was able to challenge me in a way that I liked – not too easy but not too hard. It is a great idea to do this in a park in the summer, breathing fresh air. Nora is very open, friendly and approachable and it is worth giving her class a go.

Petr , London